Residential Services

The Solar Energy Experts

We are Sunergy, your energy experts. Specializing in Home Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy System Design and Installation. 

We work in any order, but the smartest way for our clients to use our services is a three-step approach.


Home Energy Audit

An Energy Audit consists of a very thorough inspection of your home's duct system, insulation, windows, and doors.  A Sunergy Auditor will give you a detailed report explaining the findings and recommended improvements.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Sunergy will help you focus on the most cost effective energy efficiency upgrades to make.  Our team of energy upgrade specialists will then perform the improvements.  

Solar Panel System Installation

If you are serious about getting rid of your electric bill, then the missing link is a complete Solar Panel System for your home.


Let Sunergy get you heading down the path of Energy Independence.
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