Energy Efficiency Upgrades

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Many people are aware of green building and green remodeling to save money. In fact, upgrading to a more efficient appliance or reducing energy use around the home may already be in the back of your mind. The reason why is simple: conservation saves energy, helps the environment, and saves money.

So, that begs the question – why don’t more people utilize green remodeling today?

In our experience, many consumers feel like the cost is either too high or the retrofits will not deliver the benefits that they claim to bring.

Given the cost of upgrading, the initial investment can see high for consumers. Sunergy  acknowledges this need and that is why we are happy to offer a free, comprehensive audit by a certified energy professional. Our technician will not only assess what can be done, he will also present findings in order of priority. That’s right – we are upfront about which retrofits will bring you the best results. We will never recommend anything that will not pay for itself over the course of time. In fact, you can take a look at average energy savings from many common procedures. Though these are just estimates, you can get an idea of what you might like to improve. Finally, our estimates will include information about how to seek the latest in tax breaks and rebates to lower your cost even more. Unlike other things, you can be assured that money invested in green remodeling will pay off.

Many people know that green retrofits are economical. But did you know that they can increase your safety as well? That’s right – homes are often vulnerable to unsafe technologies of the past. As a part of your comprehensive audit our inspectors well test every appliance in your house, as well as all ventilation systems, both natural and man-made. We will measure carbon monoxide levels and test carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are functioning properly.  Essentially, we will find anything that puts your family at risk, and come up with a green, economical replacement that is safer. All of that is included in your free audit.

Sunergy Builders is a local Austin company and we have developed a long list of happy customers whose homes we have improved. We only employ certified green building professionals and we guarantee your results. Why wait? Call today and let us take some time to share potential green remodeling options with you. We look forward to saving you money and doing our part to help the environment.  


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